2014 Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

2014 Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

Author: Trish Quayle/Monday, 16 December 2013/Categories: News, Diamond Awards

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Baseball Australia is honoured to announce there will be three new inductees into the Baseball Australia Hall of Fame in 2014.

The Baseball Australia Hall of Fame, established in 2005, recognises excellence in the categories of 1. Playing; and 2. Managing /Coaching.  Inductees must have had a prolonged impact on the game of baseball at the highest level available at their time, they must be of good character and not be deemed to have brought baseball into disrepute, and statistical information is taken into consideration.

There are seven eras of classification:  Pre 1900, 1900 to 1918 (when the game expanded rapidly after regular interstate competition), 1919 to 1946 (the start of the Claxton Shield and American Influence), 1947 to 1967 (post war American influence), 1968 to 1988 (Asia influence), 1989 to 1999 (first Australian Baseball League), and 2000 to date.  There is also a Special Classification for players who have had outstanding International careers and made contributions to the game primarily outside of Australia.

2014 Inductees:

Phil Alexander, South Australia.  Category:  Playing 1968 – 1988

Kaye Greenham, Western Australia.  Category:  Playing 1947 – 1967

Brendan Kingman, New South Wales.  Category: Playing 1989 – 1999 & 2000 onwards

*click on inductee name for their playing history.

Baseball Australia extends our congratulations to Phil, Kaye and Brendan, you join the ranks of Australian Baseball greats.


The 2014 Hall of Fame induction will take place at the Baseball Australia Diamond Awards, Saturday 12 April 2014.  Further information and ticket sales coming soon at




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